How CHASM NTeC-C Reinforcing Additives Enable Low Carbon and Low Cost Cement

Carbon Nanotubes to Accelerate Decarbonization of Concrete

This slide deck was presented by CHASM's Hari Harikumar at the 6th Virtual Global Concrete Seminar, hosted by Global Cement Magazine in September 2023.

Hari was able to discuss how CHASM's NTeC-C reinforcing carbon nanotube additives can accelerate the decarbonization of cement cost-effectively by:

  • Enabling efficient use of concrete
    Substantial increase in Flexural Strength – enabling code-compliant ways of lowering the thickness of pavements in highways and slabs in buildings.
  • Accelerating adoption of low-clinker cement
    Higher Early Compressive Strength enables more usage of SCMs to replace Clinker.
  • Enhancing life-cycle management
    CNTs enhance the durability of concrete with higher crack resistance and lower water absorption. Additionally, CNT’s ability to self-sense can lead to a future of “Smarter” health monitoring and repair of structures.


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