Signis Chirally-Pure SW CNT Solutions


Our Signis chirally pure single-wall CNTs are produced using CoMoCATâ„¢ synthesis technology in combination with a proprietary chiral separation process.

Our initial offering is based upon (6,5) chirality.  Other chiralities can be produced upon request.


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CS65i - ​Chirally-Pure Single-Wall CNT - Enriched in (6,5)

This semi-conductor grade single-wall carbon nanotube is produced using our patented CoMoCAT synthesis technology, combined with our proprietary chiral separation process. Approximately 99.7% of the SW CNTs in CS65i are expected to be semiconducting, with the dominant chirality being (6,5).

CS65i is available either as a water-based dispersion or a dry form.

The dispersion form consists of 20 mg/L of SWCNTs dispersed using 2% Deoxycholate in an aqueous solution. This dispersion is available in either 25ml or 100ml sizes.  The 25 ml size contains 0.5 mg of SWCNTs; the 100 ml size contains 2.0 mg.  The dispersion can be further diluted to as low as 5 mg/L using deionized water.

The dry form is prepared by precipitating the dispersion sample, followed by washing, filtering, and drying. Solids are then left on the filter media for ease of handling. The filter media used is Whatman polytetrafluoroethylene membrane filter with a polypropylene backing (47 mm diameter, 1 micron pore size). Solids can be released from the filter media by immersing in a liquid and using probe sonication.  The standard dry sample size contains 2.0 mg of SWCNTs.

  • Carbon Purity:  >95 wt%

  • Semiconductor Content:  99.7%

  • (6,5) CNT Content:  ~85%

  • Median Diameter:  0.79 nm

  • Length Distribution:  0.5 to 2 microns