Clearly Superior: Transparent RFI/EMI Shielding Outperforming Copper Foil

This whitepaper details how a new category of advanced EMI/RFI shielding material transparently offers superior interference protection even for touchscreens, windows, touch buttons, or other openings in electronic devices. This whitepaper will outline how nanotube hybrid thin film materials can be incorporated into original equipment or added as an aftermarket product, as well as how these materials compare to metallic shielding films.

A comparison of form factor, implementation, and capabilities shows that transparent materials can outcompete traditional shielding solutions in multiple market segments. The whitepaper will detail:

  • Transparent Conductors as RFI Shielding Materials
  • Conductive Oxides and Metal Mesh Films
  • Flexible Shielding Materials
  • Nanotube Hybrid Films
  • Flexibility, Economy, and Agility of Fabrication

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