Clearly Superior: Transparent RFI/EMI Shielding Outperforming Copper Foil

This whitepaper details how a new category of advanced shielding material transparently offers superior protection even for touchscreens, windows, buttons, or other openings in electronic devices. This whitepaper will outline how CNT-based thin film materials can be incorporated into original equipment or added as an aftermarket product, as well as how these materials compare to metallic shielding films. A comparison of form factor, implementation, and capabilities shows that transparent materials can outcompete traditional shielding solutions in multiple market segments. The whitepaper will detail:

  • Transparent Conductors as RFI Shielding Materials
  • Conductive Oxides and Metal Mesh Films
  • Flexible Shielding Materials
  • Hybrid Nanotube-Based Transparent RFI Shielding Alternatives
  • Nanotube Metal-Mesh Hybrid Films
  • Nanotube-AgNW Hybrid Films 
  • Flexibility, Economy, and Agility of Fabrication

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