How CHASM NTeC-E Battery Additives Enable Lowest-Cost, Highest-Scale CNT Production

Chasm AABC US 2023 Slides

This slide deck was presented by CHASM's Mike Fetcenko at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) in San Diego, CA, December 11-14 2023.

Mike was able to discuss how CHASM's NTeC-E carbon nanotube additives offer lowest cost, highest scale solutions for local production of CNTs, a critically-needed advanced material for enhancing battery performance and enabling gigafactory production.

  • CNT quality ≥ leading suppliers in Asia
    Drop-in replacement for industry standard CNTs.
  • Lowest cost, most scalable production
    Breakthrough sustainable production process using rotary kiln reactor.
  • High purity, using “iron free” catalyst
    Third-party test results demonstrate high performance.
  • Tailored CNT structure for high performance, easy dispersion
    Custom dispersions for aqueous and NMP solutions.


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