Leadership Team

David Arthur

David J. Arthur

CEO and Co-founder

Mr. Arthur has more than 35 years of experience in executive leadership roles, including work at Rogers Corp, A.T. Cross, TPI Composites, Helix Technology Corp, and Eikos Inc. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Tufts University, MS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Connecticut and an MBA from Northeastern University. He was recognized by NanoBusiness Alliance as one of the top ten most influential people in the field of Nanotechnology and is an inventor with more than 30 patents. In 2005, David co-founded Chasm Technologies, a consulting firm that helps its clients commercialize new products through smart application of materials science and process technology. From 2006 to 2015, he was CEO of SouthWest NanoTechnologies (SWeNT), a leading producer of carbon nanotube materials for electronics and composites applications.

Robert Praino

Robert F. Praino, Jr.

COO and Co-founder

Mr. Praino has more than 40 years of experience commercializing products and developing advanced manufacturing processes, including work at Stone & Webster, Polaroid, Presstek, Vitex Systems, and Precision Lithograining. He has a BS and MS in Chemical Engineering from WPI and an MBA from Boston University. In 2005, Bob co-founded Chasm Technologies, a consulting firm that helps its clients commercialize new products through smart application of materials science and process technology. He is a world expert in the field of roll-to-roll manufacturing, including atmospheric and vacuum thin film coating, web handling, product system design, fluid interfacial science, and drying processes.

Board of Directors

David J. Arthur, Robert F. Praino, Jr. &


Raymond Chang

Raymond N. Chang is a successful entrepreneur and an active angel investor. In 1997, Raymond founded GigaMedia, the first broadband company in Asia. In 1999, GigaMedia received $35mm strategic investment from Microsoft, and in 2000, the Company went public on NASDAQ and raised US$280mm, one of the largest IPOs for Internet company prior to 2000. In 2007, Raymond founded Luckypai, a leading TV shopping company in China and raised venture financing from Lightspeed Venture Partners, DT Capital, Intel, Lehman Brothers, and Goldman Sachs. In 2010, Luckypai was sold to Lotte Home Shopping for US $160mm. From 2012-2013, Raymond served as the CEO of New Focus Auto, the largest automobile aftersales service company dual-listed on Hong Kong & Taiwan exchanges, (US$750mm in market cap). In 2013, Raymond completed a US$160mm investment from CDH Capital, a leading Chinese private equity fund. In 2000, Raymond was selected by FORTUNE as one of the twenty-five Next Generation Global Leaders Under 40, (5/2001), and by BUSINESS WEEK Asia as one of Asia’s 20 most influential new economy leaders in the 21st century, (7/2000). He was also featured as a panel speaker at World Economic Forum in Zurich, Switzerland in 2005.

Currently, Raymond is an Adjunct Professor at the Yale School of Management and at Babson College. Raymond was the Former Treasurer/Elected Board Member of Shanghai American School and a member of Young President’s Organization – Shanghai Chapter. Raymond received his BA from New York University, MBA from Yale School of Management, and MPA from Harvard JFK School of Government. Raymond is also a member of Launchpad and Boston Hub Angel.


Praveen Sahay

Praveen is a nuclear physicist and gained experiences in oil exploration, petrochemicals, and power industries.  Thereafter he took on leadership roles, first becoming an Armed Forces battalion commander, and then with the UNO as National Coordinator (CIVPOL) for the first ever democratic elections in Mozambique, for which he was awarded a UN Peace Medal.  For the last 15 years, he has been investing in technology companies.  Praveen’s talent lies in identifying technological and business innovations that will catalyze rapid market adoption and generate strong investment returns. He is a member of WAVE’s Investment Committee.


Prior to founding WAVE, Praveen was a Director with VIMAC Ventures, an early stage venture firm, since 2003. Before that, he was an Associate at Updata Partners, an investor in IT and communications startups. He was also a strategy consultant to technology corporations and private equity investors during his tenure at Dean & Company. Praveen has an eclectic set of experiences that include managing mutual fund retail operations, exploring for oil and gas deposits in the Arabian Sea, and leading armed troops as a Deputy Commandant in situations involving threats to industrial safety and security. He was also the National Elections Coordinator (CIVPOL) at the United Nations Operation in Mozambique where he played a key role in the country’s transition to democracy.


Praveen has an MBA from the University of Chicago, a degree in Geophysics from IIT, Roorkee, an MS in Nuclear Physics, and BS in Physics (Honors) from St. Stephen’s College in New Delhi.