Low Carbon (Low Cost) Cement

Imagine removing gasoline cars from the roads. That’s the potential impact of decarbonizing concrete in the U.S. alone. With the pioneering use of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), CHASM has created NTeC-C, a nanotube hybrid material that reduces concrete’s carbon footprint by potentially more than 50%. All it takes is a tiny addition of NTeC-C to concrete materials to set the revolutionary modification in motion. Cost-effective and scalable, it lets the cement and concrete industries take the lead on building a greener future.

Paving the way for a dramatic reduction in U.S. carbon emissions

Cement — the main binder in concrete — contributes to over 8% of all manmade emissions. In fact, the manufacturing of cement emits more than 680 kilograms of CO2 for every metric ton produced. But efforts to reduce the amount of cement in concrete have come up short — until now.

CHASM’s NTeC-C overcomes one of the major barriers to decarbonizing concrete: reducing the amount of cement in concrete without compromising its overall strength and integrity. By adding just 0.1% of CNT by weight of cement, it boosts its strength and stiffness. The result is an opportunity to replace over 50% with other supplementary cementitious materials (SCM) like fly ash and slag — and to potentially cut over 30 million MT of CO2 in the U.S.


Green and smart meet a new brand of concrete

The CNT additives also make the concrete “self-sensing” of stresses and overall structural integrity. This smart feature enables an “internet of concrete” approach for life cycle management of critical structures.

NTeC-C further accelerates the adoption of green chemistries like limestone calcinated clay cement and other low-carbon alternatives. Just like with concrete, the addition of the nanotube hybrid material enhances their properties while compensating for any drawbacks.


How CHASM NTeC-C Reinforcing Additives Enable Low Carbon and Low Cost Cement

Testing conducted by the University of Texas Arlington Center for Advanced Construction Materials (CACM) backs up the dramatic impact of adding NTeC-C to cement. Substantial increases in both flexural strength and early compressive strength enable both efficient use of concrete and adoption of low-clinker cement. CHASM's Hari Harikumar presented latest data and insights at the 6th Virtual Global Concrete Seminar, hosted by Global Cement Magazine in September 2023. 

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