Transparent Antennas

AgeNT®  solutions for transparent antennas are based on CHASM's nanocarbon/copper hybrid technology, the industry's most versatile, transparent, high-performance, and low-cost offering for antennas in automotive, IOT&M2M, public safety, point-of-purchase, and other market segments. 


We Make Antennas Transparent

CHASM offers its AgeNT flexible conductive film with performance equivalent to the leading low-loss, ceramic-based PCB laminates, and its robust circuit fabrication technology. The company accelerates clients' "Design-for-Manufacturability" (DFM) process by providing material characteristic data for performance simulation and reference designs of wideband WiFi Coplanar antenna for 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz; Narrow Band Patch Antenna for band n78, and Microstrip antenna.

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Transparent, flexible antennas allow design & engineering without boundaries!

Unique Capabilities:

1.) Performance equivalent to the leading low-loss, ceramic-based PCB laminates.

2.) Robust circuit fabrication technology and rapid prototyping: full circuit assembly line can quickly fabricate scale models of antennas, using three-dimensional, computer-aided design (CAD) tools.

3.) Established tools to accelerate clients' "Design-for-manufacturability" (DFM) process: providing material characteristic data for performance simulation and reference designs of wideband WiFi Coplanar antenna for 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz; narrow band patch antenna for band n78 and microstrip antenna. 

4.) Commercially adopted solution with mass production capacity: 150,000 square meters and growing. 

AgeNT Transparent Antenna Solutions
AgeNT transparent performance films enable practically "invisible" antennas without compromising antenna performance. Transparent printed circuit antennas can be mass produced at low cost, with convenient 'peel and stick' attachment to glass. CHASM is ready to work with antenna designers to help them take advantage of transparency.

Antenna Types with AgeNT® solutions

1.) Multiband Cellular Antenna for Vehicles

2.) Mulitband Wi-Fi Antenna for Vehicles

3.) Mulitband Wi-Fi Antenna for Routers

4.) GNSS Antenna for Vehicles

5.) All-in-one Antenna for Vehicles

6.) NFC Antennas for Smart Kiosks, Bank Cards, Smart Parking Meters, etc. 

7.) Distributed antenna system (DAS) Antenna for cellular and Wi-Fi coverage

8.) Mulitband Antenna for 5G and Fixed Wireless Access

9.) Bluetooth Antenna



How Transparent Antennas Address Critical Challenges for 5G, IoT, Automotive, and NFC Markets

A new class of antennas are emerging that can not only hide in plain site on windows, displays and vehicles; they can also be molded to blend into 3D shapes without sacrificing performance. CHASM's AgeNT Antenna solution is a product family of Nanotube Hybrid Conductive Transparent Films (TCF) that is making this innovation possible.

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