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Enhancing Particles at the Nanoscale. 

Integral to the Material, Not an Additive.

While the performance benefits that can be obtained nanotechnology are widely known,  cost and usability issues have impeded widespread adoption - until now. Whether the goal is improving charge capacity for batteries or seeking a way to improve the strength and durability of concrete or composites, CHASM™ has a better way. 

Our carbon nanotube and carbon nanotube hybrid products are developed through industry partnerships for specific applications, like batteries and construction materials (cement and concrete).  

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NTec FOR Battery Materials

The next generation of mobile devices, vehicles and renewable energy storage systems will require material solutions that are more capable and more versatile. NTeC improves the power density, cycle life and charge/discharge capacity of battery materials.

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NTeC for Cement

Cement is critical to modern world concrete infrastructure. However, it can crack, split and become vulnerable in certain conditions. It is also the source of about 8% of the world’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. NTeC dually addresses these concerns by drastically increasing cement strength and measurably reducing the carbon footprint.

Why NTeC?

CHASM has developed a platform that enables the world’s lowest capex, most cost efficient, scalable and sustainable method for manufacturing Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon Nanotube Hybrids.

In 2022, CHASM successfully commissioned a 50 MTA CNT pilot reactor, following two years of development on bench and lab scale reactors.  In 2024, CHASM is scheduled to commission a commercial scale reactor (1500 MTA) which will serve as the template for deployments at multiple locations.

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Carbon nanotubes are becoming a standard ingredient in lithium-ion batteries. The explosive growth of the EV market demands innovations in the production of battery materials and their supply chains. Find out more about how CHASM is rising to the challenge!

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