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AgeNT-1 is the optimal formulation when current carrying capacity is the critical design factor.  AgeNT-1 is the only formulation based on a metal mesh (MM) substrate within CHASM's carbon nanotube (CNT) hybrid based printed electronics platform covering a range of formulations that balance transparency and conductivity for a wide range of applications. Only AgeNT-1 enables engineers or product designers to innovate transparent DAS, IoT, or NFC antennas that unobtrusively disappear into architectural elements like overhead lights, windows, or glazed artwork, putting more antennas closer to points of use to increase signal strength and data speeds.  


Sheet Resistance: <1 Ω/□

VLT: 94%  |  Total VLT: 87% 

Haze: 2.1%  |  Total Haze: 3.7%

Substrate: 4 mil PET


Printable, Flexible, Transparent Antennas: DAS, IoT, NFC

Antennas without the design boundaries! Place transparent antennas on windows, walls, IoT devices and more. 

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