Transparent Heaters for ADAS and Headlamps

CHASM’s AgeNT transparent heater foil solutions advance autonomous driving in any weather by enabling rapid and uniform heating for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) sensors and headlamps. 

Making Driving Safer in any Weather

The ADAS system relies on crucial components such as camera, lidar and radar sensors. However inclement weather conditions such as snow, fog and ice can hinder the operation of these sensors, compromising safety.

Our highly transparent heater foils for all Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Sensors and for headlamps integrate single-wall carbon nanotubes (CNT) and metal micromesh, providing exceptional optoelectronic performance, surpassing all other CNT or alternative technology products, with no unsightly opaque microwires.


First universal transparent heater foil for all Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) sensors and compatible with standard automotive voltages (12V).

Transparent Heater Foils for All ADAS Sensors

CHASM AgeNT heaters are compatible with camera, lidar and radar sensors, delivering uniform heating over the entire camera lens, lidome, or radome surface.

  • Compatible with all three ADAS sensor technologies
  • Delivers rapid and uniform heating over the entire lens surface
  • Compatible with standard automotive voltage (12V)
  • Highly transparent, with no opaque microwires
  • Highly stable during temperature, humidity and UV aging tests
Universal Transparent Heater Foils
AgeNT-12 transparent heater foils enable the world’s first Universal Transparent ADAS Heater solution, for rapid, uniform defogging & de-icing of radomes, lidomes and camera lenses at 12V or less –with high transmission of Radar, LiDAR and Camera signals.

Scalable, Low-Cost Mass Production

CHASM's unique manufacturing process enables low-cost, mass production of AgeNT transparent heater foils.

We are currently seeking Tier 1 and OEM partners to collaborate with us on integration of our transparent heater foils onto ADAS lens assemblies and completing qualification testing at the system level.


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Operating LED headlights in harsh environments (like winter weather) can lead to issues with fogging or freezing. This is a huge issue from a visibility standpoint and from a safety standpoint where modern safety features rely on the ability to "see" through the car's headlights.

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