Agent 75 product page


Virtually invisible, AgeNT-75 offers industry leading transparency for your most demanding touch sensor, touch screen, or display applications.  AgeNT-75 is the highest transparency formulation of CHASM's carbon nanotube (CNT) Hybrid printed electronics platform covering a range of formulations that balance transparency and conductivity for a wide range of applications.  Using AgeNT-75, engineers and product designers are free to implement interactive touch user interfaces on any surface including sculpted smart surfaces or on flexible/foldable displays. 


Sheet Resistance: 75 Ω/□

VLT: 98%  |  Total VLT: 89.9% 

Haze: 0.2%  |  Total Haze: 1.4%

Substrate: 5 mil PET


Printable, Flexible, Transparent Touch Sensors for Wearable Devices, Automotive, White Goods/Consumer Goods 

Flexible Displays for Retail/Outdoor Advertising

RF Shielding 


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