Close up of finger touching blue toned screen on tablet pc

Suitable for a variety of applications, AgeNT-30 is a versatile formulation within CHASM's carbon nanotube (CNT) Hybrid printed electronics platform covering a range of formulations that balance transparency and conductivity for a wide range of applications.   Consistent resistivity even at dimensions suitable for large format displays, AgeNT-30 still delivers the transparency required to not detract from advertising, point of sale, or gaming applications. 


Sheet Resistance: 30 Ω/□

VLT: 95.8%  |  Total VLT: 87.8% 

Haze: 1% |  Total Haze: 2%

Substrate: 5 mil PET (also available on 7 mil PC. Note specifications on TDS)


Large Format Touch Screens & Smart Surfaces: kiosks, whiteboards, outdoor advertising | Heaters for Automotive Applications requiring high VLT

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