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From carbons to cement, the NTeC platform is revolutionizing one particle after another to dramatic effect.

NTeC-E for Batteries

The drive to continually improve battery performance has generated increasing interest in Carbon Nanotubes and their use is becoming a standard.  The market demand for these materials is expected to track the growth in lithium-ion batteries and other markets that are increasingly turning to nanotechnology for enhanced performance.

To meet this challenge, CHASM has developed a platform that enables the world’s lowest capex, most cost efficient, scalable and sustainable method for manufacturing Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon Nanotube Hybrids.

In 2022, CHASM successfully commissioned a 50 MTA CNT pilot reactor, following two years of development on bench and lab scale reactors.  In 2024, CHASM is scheduled to commission a commercial scale reactor (1500MTA) which will serve as the template for deployments at multiple locations.

Better Batteries

CHASM’s NTeC-E is a state-of-the-art Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotube family of products that was developed specifically for use in batteries.  Suitability for use lithium ion batteries has been demonstrated by multiple third parties, including a recent evaluation conducted by Argonne National Laboratory.

Drop-in Ready for Today's Formats

NTeC-E is available in multiple formats: powder, aqueous dispersion or NMP dispersion.  We offer the dispersions in standard concentrations and can also work with you to produce or develop a custom formulation to your precise specifications.

NTeC-E Features

  • High CNT purity, 99%+ (zero iron content)

  • Narrow median outer diameter, 10 nm
  • High aspect ratio
  • Low CNT defects (G/D = 1.48)
  • High Specific Surface Area (303 m2/g)
  • Low bulk density (0.087 g/cm3)

NTeC-E Benefits

  • Faster charge/discharge

  • Higher energy density
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Boost domestic content with Made in USA material
CHASM chairman Mike Fetcenko spoke at the recent Advanced Automotive Battery Conference in San Diego about advancements in carbon nanotube technology that is critically needed to support worldwide growth in EV battery production. The battery industry requires low cost, high scale production of CNTs in local markets. Find out more about the issues and how CHASM is rising to the challenge!

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