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AgeNT™-10 is the only commercially available transparent material capable of producing a heat source sufficient to control ice, snow and condensation without wires.

Apply heat transparently to any surface with AgeNT-10

The most conductive model utilizing a silver nanowire (AgNW) substrate, the AgeNT 10 formulation rounds out CHASM's carbon nanotube (CNT) hybrid based printed electronics platform covering a range of formulations that balance transparency and conductivity for a wide range of applications. AgeNT-10 is the only commercially available transparent conductor capable of producing a heat source sufficient to control ice, snow, and condensation without wires.  Transparently heat windshields and headlights for not only defrosting or defogging, but also to clear ice or frost build up in inclement weather to ensure collision avoidance and safety systems using optical cameras remain operational. AgeNT-10 has demonstrated up to 3,000 watts/M2 and up to 120 degrees Celsius continuous operation in commercial automotive applications.



Sheet Resistance: 10 Ω/□

VLT: 90.9% | Total VLT: 83%

Haze: 3.3% | Total Haze: 3.7%

Substrate: 7 mil PC

Compatible with LIDAR and optical cameras


Printable, Flexible, Transparent Heaters for Automotive Applications: heated windshield, headlights, rear windshields

Security camera for trains, buses

Transparent heaters for avionics

Any application requiring a transparent, flexible heater

How AgeNT-10 Works

CNT ink is formulated for screen printing and is comprised of a mixture of our single walled CNTs (CoMoCAT™ technology), an optically clear polymer binder and our proprietary ink vehicle (V2V™ technology). The grade of CNT ink that is used for making AgeNT-30 product structures is CHASMAGENT-VC200. CNT ink is available in standard 1L bottles.

AgNW film is made by coating AgNWs to random network of AgNWs on a continuous roll of clear plastic film substrate. AgNW layer is ~ 0.7µm thick. There is one substrate option for AgeNT-10: 7-mil PC film without hard coat (HC) on the backside. The grade of AgNW film that is used for making AgeNT-10 product structures is CHASMAGENT-AW121. AgNW film is available in standard sheet size of approx. 300mm X 600mm and can also be provided in approx. 600mm or 1,200mm wide rolls.

This whitepaper details the advantages and disadvantages associated with the existing ITO alternatives currently on the market. Before considering any alternatives, it’s important to have a well-founded basis of comparison.

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