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AgeNT Transparent Conductive Films

Real Transparency Delivered

CHASM creates novel transparent conductive films (TCFs) by printing carbon nanotubes (CNTs) on top of silver nanowire (AgNW) or copper metal mesh (MM) substrates. The resulting AgeNT™ nanotube hybrid TCFs are more robust than AgNW or MM alone and more conductive than CNTs alone. Since CNTs are one of the strongest materials known, they provide considerable mechanical reinforcement for the more fragile AgNW and MM structures. The CNTs also provide electrical redundancy and enable excellent connectivity to the surface of the TCF, while providing environmental protection for the underlying AgNW and MM layers.

CHASM AgeNT™ is commercially available and are being designed into automotive ADAS applications, Antennas, and display shielding applications.

Key Applications
  • ANTENNAS: AgeNT delivers transparency for 5G, Wifi or IoT antennas, creating significant window mounting options on vehicles and buildings – simply peel and stick.
  • HEATERS: AgeNT delivers faster and more uniform heat to any surface to clear ice, snow

    or condensation - essential for Advanced Driver Assist Systems and industrial HMI displays.

  • SHIELDING: AgeNT RF shielding films provide unmatched combination of transparency and RFI / EMI protection for windows and displays used in aircraft, vehicles and buildings.

Simply put, AgeNT™ transparent conductive platform enables the best flexible printed electronics you’ll never see.

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AgeNT-1 is a formulation based on a metal mesh (MM) substrate with CHASM's carbon nanotube (CNT) hybrid. Only AgeNT-1 enables engineers or product designers to innovate transparent DAS, IoT, or NFC antennas that unobtrusively disappear into architectural elements like overhead lights, windows, or glazed artwork, putting more antennas closer to points of use to increase signal strength and data speeds. 

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AGENT - 10

Utilizing a silver nanowire (AgNW) substrate, the AgeNT 10 formulation rounds out CHASM's carbon nanotube (CNT) hybrid that balances transparency and conductivity. AgeNT-10 is the only commercially available transparent conductor capable of producing a heat source sufficient to control ice, snow, and condensation without wires.  Transparently heat windshields and headlights for not only defrosting or defogging, but also to clear ice or frost build up in inclement weather to ensure collision avoidance and safety systems using optical cameras remain operational. 

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AGENT - 30

AgeNT-30 is a versatile formulation within CHASM's carbon nanotube (CNT) Hybrid printed electronics platform covering a range of formulations that balance transparency and conductivity for a wide range of applications.   Consistent resistivity even at dimensions suitable for large format displays, AgeNT-30 still delivers the transparency required to not detract from advertising, point of sale, or gaming applications.

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AGENT - 75

Virtually invisible, AgeNT-75 offers industry leading transparency for your most demanding touch sensor, touch screen, or display applications.  AgeNT-75 is the highest transparency formulation of CHASM's carbon nanotube (CNT) Hybrid printed electronics platform covering a range of formulations that balance transparency and conductivity for a wide range of applications.  Using AgeNT-75, engineers and product designers are free to implement interactive touch user interfaces on any surface including sculpted smart surfaces or on flexible/foldable displays.

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Specially formulated from CHASM’s patented V2V™ ink vehicle and industry leading single wall CNTs, VC102 delivers printable, flexible transparent conductors with superior environmental robustness and optical performance than commercial alternatives such as PEDOT.  VC102 is well-suited for cost-effective transparent circuit production at high volumes for touch buttons and sensors used in many applications including appliances, automotive interiors, and industrial controls.  

How AgeNT Works

Print - CHASM inks are printed onto specially formulated CHASM substrates using screen printing. 

Etch - A simple and safe wet etch process etches away excess ink.

Done - The etching process reveals the desired circuits!


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The AgeNT transparent conductive platform is flexible and formable with low pattering costs and superior optoelectronic performance of low sheet resistance at high transparency. Leading companies across multiple industries have successfully launched their next generation innovations made from advanced Nanotube Hybrids, CNT inks and carbon nanotubes (CNTs) materials only available from CHASM.

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