CHASM Joins Industry Consortium Led by fka GmbH to Develop Test Methods for LiDAR Performance Evaluation in Adverse Weather Conditions

April 16, 2024

CANTON, Mass., April 16, 2024 – CHASM Advanced Materials is pleased to announce its participation in a new industrial consortium being launched by fka GmbH together with the Driving Vision News (DVN) network.  The consortium’s objective is to create a test methodology for performance evaluation of LiDAR sensors when subjected to non-ideal or adverse conditions.  

The transition to higher levels of automated driving has led to LiDARs making a comeback. Although LiDARs are a powerful modality for addressing the gaps between cameras and radars, they do have certain weaknesses. In order to address these “corner-cases” for LiDAR sensors, fka and DVN have formed a consortium to develop test methods to evaluate LiDAR performance under adverse weather, contamination and interference conditions. CHASM Advanced Materials has joined the fka-led consortium and brings their expertise in the sensor de-icing solutions domain to the group. 

“We are glad to have valuable input from Dan Skiba, Tom Eldridge and the CHASM team,” says Amogh Sakpal, Senior Automated Driving Engineer with fka. “Their input is essential to us in the formulation of test methods. Their experience with testing LiDAR screen heating solutions enables us to add test methods for contamination of the LiDAR screen with ice. Furthermore, it allows us to add another test method for performance evaluation of de-icing systems of the future.” 

“Automotive engineers are increasingly employing LiDAR as part of multi-modal autonomous driving systems,” comments Dan Skiba, CHASM’s Vice President of Performance Films. “But without common test methods, evaluating adverse weather performance is challenging. Given the potential for LiDAR to improve safe autonomous driving, we are thrilled to collaborate with the industry’s top LiDAR technology companies to ensure a universal methodology for cost-effective LiDAR performance evaluation in all weather conditions.” 

CHASM works with automotive engineers and manufacturers to design transparent heater solutions to enable ADAS sensors, including LiDAR, radar and optical camera sensors, to function optimally in all weather conditions. CHASM’s AgeNT performance films provide rapid, uniform heating at 12V, with the highest transmission and lowest beam deflection, making AgeNT universal heater solutions ideal for all ADAS sensors. 

About CHASM 

CHASM’s mission is to develop and manufacture advanced carbon nano materials, leveraging its innovative product platforms to create a safer, more connected and sustainable world. The company’s patented nanotube manufacturing platform combined with its unique ability to integrate CNTs into product solutions is unleashing the power of nanotechnology. 

Innovations powered by CHASM include universal transparent ADAS heaters for safer driving, transparent antennas for smarter cities, conductive additives for EV batteries, and cement additives for greener (lower carbon footprint) concrete. 

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About fka 

For 40 years, fka has been internationally known as an innovative engineering service for the mobility industry. Driving the world by developing ideas and creating innovations is the mission statement that fka's 160-strong team is committed to. 

As one of the first companies on the Aachen campus, the spin-off of the Institute for Automotive Engineering of the RWTH Aachen University demonstrated entrepreneurial foresight. Interdisciplinary expertise in all aspects of mobility and technological visions, combined with the advantages of the inspiringly creative location, are fka's fuel. Ideas, innovations and unique methodological expertise are shaped into well-founded and secured solutions that give fka's customers the necessary edge in a wide range of issues. 

With the credo "creating ideas & driving innovations", the team constantly has the mobility of the future in mind. 

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Media Contact 

Ina Jiang, VP Marketing, CHASM Advanced Materials 



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