CHASM's NTeC-E CNT Additive Technology Recognized as Best-of-Show Finalist at the 2024 International Battery Seminar & Expo

March 13, 2024

CHASM was honored that it's NTeC-E Carbon Nanotube (CNT) additive technology was recognized at this year's International Battery Seminar and Expo as a Best-of-Show Award finalist by the editors of Battery Power Online. Finalists were chosen from entries into the International Battery Seminar Best of Show People’s Choice Awards competition. To be considered, products must have been newly released or significantly improved within the past year and companies must be participating in the 41st Annual International Battery Seminar and Expo in Orlando, Florida, March 12-15, 2024.

CHASM NTeC-E CNT Additives for Li-ion Batteries Enable Low-cost, Scalable Production

CHASM’s NTeC-E CNT additives for Li-ion batteries, introduced to the market in May 2023, provide high quality carbon nanotubes that are a drop-in replacement for industry-standard CNTs. Compared with traditional conductive carbon additives used in Li-ion batteries, CNTs enable lower internal resistance, increased energy storage capacity, superior rate capability and longer cycle life.

With CNTs becoming essential for today’s EV batteries, CHASM is uniquely positioned to support surging demand with exceptional performance and breakthrough technology that enables low cost, scalable and sustainable production for crucial local supply of CNTs in the U.S. and Europe.

As noted in Battery Power Online, CHASM’s new NTeC-E production platform is the key to scalable mass production of high-quality CNTs tailored for Li-ion batteries. The core technologies behind this innovation include proprietary (iron-free) catalysts plus proprietary (rotary kiln) reactors for CNT synthesis, which are more capital-efficient than traditional fluidized bed reactors.

World's Largest CNT Reactor Being Built in USA

CHASM’s NTeC-E CNT additives are produced at CHASM’s manufacturing plant in Norman, Oklahoma. CHASM is currently producing NTeC-E at pilot-scale (50 metric tons) and plans to bring online the world’s largest CNT production reactor (1,500 metric tons) during Q4 2024. For further scale-up, CHASM plans to manufacture its NTeC-E additives in collaboration with strategic partners and provide licenses for global production.

Third-Party Testing Validates Performance Benchmarks

CHASM’s NTeC-E conductive CNT additives have been validated by independent third-party laboratories through rigorous testing, which has consistently shown performance matching CNTs made by leading producers in Asia. Test results further suggest that NTeC-E additives are compatible not only with multiple cathode types, but also with Si-anodes and next-generation solid-state batteries.

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Chasm Landing Page IBS ORLANDO 2023 Slide Preso ThumbnailDuring the seminar, CHASM chairman, Mike Fetcenko, presented a session titled Enhanced Li-ion Battery Performance Through Commercially-Viable Carbon Nanotubes in which he shared industry insight about CNT innovation for batteries, as well as further detail about NTeC-E test results and CHASM's expansion roadmap. To learn more: View the presentation slides here.

For more information about CHASM's NTeC-E CNT conductive additives for Li-ion batteries, download a product brochure. CHASM is seeking collaboration with manufacturing partners for global CNT production and with channel partners for supplying CNT dispersions.

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