The Partner Program at CHASM has been developed to ensure the credible and timely delivery of the company's advanced material solutions, from conception through manufacture and delivery. As with many companies with complex products and supply chains, CHASM relies on partners to help its customers realize the value its product bring to its end customers.


Certified Fabrication Partners

While CHASM's V2V ink technology has been designed to ensure consistent deposition of its CNTs and other electronic materials, they are only available to certified fabrication partners. This program ensure not only that the highest level products are produced using the company's materials, but also that they are employed in the safest manner possible.


Design Partners

With the tight tolerances and quality requirements inherent to most of CHASM's markets, it is crucial that designers understand the properties, design and manufacturing rules for each of the company's products. This training program is deployed via design guide certification and validated through ongoing collaborative development with CHASM's applications engineering team.