BGM Electronic Services Joins CHASM Preferred Integration Partner Program

June 23, 2020

CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc., inventor of CNT hybrids – the leading ITO alternative – today announced BGM Electronic Services joined the CHASM Preferred Integration Partner (PIP) program. PIP member companies represent the “go-to companies” in the in printed electronics, offering their customers extensive integration capabilities and consultative expertise on the latest innovations in the industry.     With extensive experience in advanced in-vehicle electronics such as wireless communication, infotainment, ADAS and autonomous driving sensor technology, BGM provides turn-key engineering and manufacturing solutions for many clients. This new partnership extends BGM’s offerings to include robust printed electronics solutions such as transparent heaters, formable capacitive touch buttons and transparent, flexible antennas.

As a PIP affiliate, BGM has exclusive access to CHASM’s CNT Hybrid material for transparent printed electronics. A patented combination of a silver nanowire (AgNW) or metal mesh (MM) conductive film and a Carbon Nanotube (CNT) ink, the AgeNT™ platform serves as an ideal ITO alternative. The unique combination provides superior optoelectronic performance, flexibility and environmental stability. Offered with varying degrees of sheet resistance and VLT, leading companies in all industries have launched their next generation innovations of transparent heaters, touch screens and touch sensors, flexible lighting, smart surfaces, or transparent RF antennas using AgeNT.

“Developing and integrating innovative concepts and devices into products for key customers in the automotive industry is what we’re known for,” said First Name Last Name, Title of BGM. “When we see a transparent, flexible and highly conductive material like CNT Hybrids we see an opportunity to offer superior solutions to our clients. The robust nature of CHASM’s materials allows for exceptional offerings.”

BGM brings over 20 plus years of industry experience, the latest in equipment capability and extensive relationships that help drive designs in electronics such as wireless communication, infotainment, ADAS and autonomous driving sensor technology. Located in Michigan, the heart of America’s automotive manufacturing, BGM’s engineering team has experience in fields as diverse as personal navigation, firefighting technology, medical innovation and automotive electronics including motor control and lighting systems. BGM’s engineering and production conforms with APQP, FMEA, Worst Case Circuit Analysis and PPAP requirements. BGM is also highly evolved in the area of mechatronic design where electronic and mechanical components are integrated into a single device.

“With electronics representing 40% of a new automobile's total cost which is expected to grow to nearly 50% by 2030, designing, engineering and manufacturing these advanced and intricate systems requires an increasingly specialized skillset leveraging the latest advanced materials. Partnering with BGM helps both companies not only deliver cutting edge innovations satisfying today's highly demanding consumers, but helps us both foresee where demand is going to be ready with the advanced materials and skillsets necessary for tomorrow’s needs,” said CHASM CEO and Co-Founder, David Arthur.

“We are excited about this partnership with CHASM. We have utilized similar materials from multiple other companies and our experience shows us that CHASM is a clear leader in this field. Our combined strengths will allow us the ability to supply our customers total solutions utilizing their printed electronic materials. This is a win-win-win scenario for our customers, CHASM and BGM!”, said Terry Bishop, President of BGM of Electronic Services.

The CHASM Preferred Integration Partner Program is designed to incentivize and reward select business partners for CHASM products with the goal of driving revenue growth and market penetration mutually for both organizations. Exclusively offered to companies with an existing customer base and demonstrating expertise at integrating flexible printed electronics into finished product or electronic assemblies, members enjoy numerous benefits including preferred pricing, go-to-market and technical support, training, and more. CHASM products offer an innovative and novel platform to both land new clients as well as up-sell existing clients for members eager to strategically engage with both CHASM and the marketplace.

About BGM
With the staggering growth in advanced in-vehicle electronics such as wireless communication, infotainment, ADAS and autonomous driving sensor technology it created the need for a company with the industry experience, latest in equipment capability and extensive relationships to keep up with advance micro packaging, wireless communication, advanced sensor and display technology. Our customers, in this ever-changing environment, can outsource these critical functions to reduce capital expenditures to invest in creating globally competitive products. Visit to learn more.

About CHASM Advanced Materials

CHASM Advanced Materials is revolutionizing design and fabrication of printed electronics and energy storage devices through exclusive development and manufacture of CNT hybrid transparent conductive films and CNT hybrid electrode materials.  The company’s line of AgeNT transparent conductive films is flexible and formable with low pattering costs and low sheet resistance at high transparency while Signis transparent conductive inks balance value, printing consistency, simplicity of patterning and environmental stability without introducing a color cast on a variety of plastic substrates.  Leading companies across multiple industries have successfully launched next generation innovations using transparent circuits, heaters, antennas, and films as well as advanced CNT inks and carbon nanotubes (CNTs) only available from CHASM.  For more information, visit

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