CHASM Advanced Materials Awarded SEMI FlexTech Funding for a Project of $1M

January 12, 2021

CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc. announced today being awarded $500K in funding from the 2020 SEMI FlexTech Focused Solicitation to classify performance characteristics and design rules of an innovative, transparent and flexible conductive material for high performance antennas of all frequencies. including 5G. CHASM will match the funding over the life of the project.

One critical step in the commercialization of any new material is its technical classification – documenting the materials’ performance characteristics – so engineers and material scientists can analytically predict performance in desired applications. An eruption of electronics industry interest in transparent and flexible antennas for both 5G and IoT applications prompted CHASM’s application for the SEMIFlexTech request for proposals.

The rollout of 5G is necessitating the installation of more antennas closer to the point of use to assure high-bandwidth line of sight connections. In addition, manufacturers are seeking to retrofit IoT connectivity in a broad range of devices. The key factor enabling these systems and applications is highly efficient antennas with small form factors and low loss tangent at 2-100 GHz frequencies.

Being transparent, CHASM’s AgeNT provides a viable alternative overcoming these design challenges as antennas can be conveniently “hidden in plain sight” on lighting fixtures, windows, or ceilings. Transparency also enables manufacturers to unobtrusively add antennas to the outside of devices, making them IoT enabled without requiring a redesign of their enclosures. AgeNT is a Hybrid TCF that combines Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) with either Silver Nanowires (AgNWs) or Metal Mesh (MM) films, and in a novel way to enable patterned TCFs with superior performance and lower patterned film cost than AgNW, MM, or CNT alone.

“The request for proposals received a large number of responses and the overall quality of submissions was very high. The peer review process is carried out by a team of subject matter experts comprised of reviewers from Government, Industry and Academia. CHASM was selected due to their impressive portfolio of promising technology and commitment to excellence,” said Gity Samadi, PhD, SEMI FlexTech Program Manager.

“CHASM has had a long relationship with SEMI FlexTech. This program is an exemplary case of government/industry collaboration between SEMI FlexTech and the U.S. government to drive the technology ecosystem, creating high value products and advanced manufacturing systems which enhance U.S. innovation and leadership in critical fields,” said Robert Praino, CHASM Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder.

An overarching goal of the project, estimated to have a duration of up to 18 months, is to deliver innovative technology with new materials while significantly reducing the cycle time from design to manufacturing using predictive tools and optimized manufacturing processes. Towards this end, CHASM has been establishing and expanding supply chain partners for materials and manufacturing, with a high proportion of the value creation occurring in the USA and allied countries.

“Product development engineers needing to include wireless connectivity in their new device find the transparent and flexible characteristics of our AgeNT material both exciting and enabling,” said David Arthur, CHASM CEO and Co-Founder. "Giving them the capability to ‘escape the enclosure’ not only delivers greater and unbounded design freedom, but also results in less interference for higher performance. The analytical classification of this new advanced material fostered by this partnership with SEMI FlexTech will spark creativity in more engineers to develop a whole new range of innovative new devices.”

About SEMI FlexTech
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About CHASM Advanced Materials
CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc. propels cutting edge product innovations through advanced materials hybridized at the nanoscale to exceed the design limitations imposed by existing materials. Leading companies across multiple industries have fueled next-generation product innovations using AgeNT™ for transparent flexible printed electronics, NTeC™ for battery, coating, or performance additives, and Signis™ for touch buttons and sensor with superior environmental stability. For more information, visit, or follow us on TwitterLinkedInFacebookWeChat or Instagram.


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