CHASM Extends Product Line Versatility with UV-Cure Variant

December 16, 2020

CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of a new UV-curable ink option extending the versatility of their patented AgeNT product line for transparent conductive printed electronics. The new VC210 UV-cure ink simplifies manufacturing processes and increases manufacturing yield for any transparent printed electronics application requiring robustness to handling during manufacturing or cleaning with chemical solvents during assembly such as touch screens. The new VC210 formulation also enables tighter control of precision features such as those found in the neck areas of touch circuits.

“Our partner network features some of the world’s preeminent experts in printed electronics fabrication continually developing next generation devices across a variety of industries,” said David J. Arthur, CEO and Co-Founder, CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc. “Working closely with them, development of VC210 benefited from their real-time and direct feedback on critical technical and market needs for exacting transparent printed electronics applications. VC210 has not only helped them reliably deliver innovative products to their customers but also in a way that is better for their bottom line.”

Complementary to CHASM’s initial VC200 ink, VC210 can be used with any Silver Nanowire (AgNW) substrate in CHASM’s CNT Hybrid platform of AgeNT 10, AgeNT 30 or AgeNT 75 to manufacture transparent heaters, touch screens or touch button applications for use in high heat or humidity environments or those needing precise control of fine features. Examples include automotive touch buttons or heated HMI controls for industrial equipment used outdoors.

Processing of VC210 follows a familiar workflow to VC200 series inks with an initial thermal cure followed by a UV pass so partners already experienced fabricating transparent conductive electronics with AgeNT come quickly up to speed on the new ink with little to no learning curve.

CHASM is actively seeking partners of distinction for an exclusive network of "go-to companies" in the printed electronics industry, offering their customers extensive supply, distribution, integration capabilities and consultative expertise on the latest innovations in printed electronics. The CHASM Preferred Integration Partner Program is offered exclusively to companies not just having an established customer base for flexible printed electronics but also those demonstrating leading expertise at integrating flexible printed electronics into finished product or electronic assemblies. For more information on becoming a CHASM Preferred Integration Partner, click here, contact or call +1.781.821.0443.

About CHASM Advanced Materials
CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc. propels cutting edge product innovations through advanced materials hybridized at the nanoscale to exceed the design limitations imposed by existing materials. Leading companies across multiple industries have fueled next-generation product innovations using AgeNT™ for transparent flexible printed electronics, NTeC™ for battery, coating, or performance additives, and Signis™ for touch buttons and sensor with superior environmental stability. For more information, visit, or follow us on TwitterLinkedInFacebookWeChat or Instagram.


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