CHASM Joins NAATBatt To Promote Advanced US Battery Manufacturing

February 27, 2023

CANTON, Mass. (PRWEB) February 21, 2023 -- CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc. (CHASM) today announced that it has joined NAATBatt as a Silver Member of the prestigious industry organization.

CHASM’s VP and General Manager of Advanced Carbons Hari Harikumar said, “We are working with customers to prepare for commercialization and establishing our brand by joining globally recognized organizations, such as NAATBatt. We are honored to take our place next to established industry leaders and look forward to making our own contributions.” CEO David Arthur added, “CHASM is well advanced towards becoming a secure, domestic supplier of a critical material for US lithium ion battery manufacturers. We look forward to serving the industry.”

Almost two dozen new battery gigafactories to be built in the United States were announced during 2022. Carbon nanotubes are now being routinely integrated into commercial battery chemistries. CHASM is seeking to address the rapidly expanding requirement for a secure, domestic supply of CNT conductive additives for batteries with the most scalable, capital efficient, cost efficient and sustainable method available for manufacturing carbon nanotubes at industrial scale.

NAATBatt is the premier trade association of the advanced battery industry in North America. Its members include leading companies, research institutions, and universities that are involved in the development, manufacture, and commercialization of advanced battery technology. NAATBatt's mission is to promote the commercialization of advanced battery technology through collaboration, education, and networking.

CHASM’S mission is to develop and manufacture advanced carbon nano materials, leveraging our innovative product platforms to create a safer, more connected and sustainable world.

Our patented nanotube manufacturing platform combined with our unique ability to integrate CNTs into game-changing nanotube hybrid product solutions is unleashing the power of nanotechnology.

Better connected smart cities, ice-free vehicle sensors and lights, faster charging and discharging EV batteries, greener (lower carbon footprint) concrete, and abundance of pure water are all innovations powered by CHASM Advanced Materials.

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Media Contact:
Ina Jiang, VP Marketing

Investor Contacts:
David Rainey, Chief Financial Officer
+1 781 989 1411

David Arthur, Chief Executive Officer
+1 781 801 8863 (mobile)




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