ClickTouch Accelerates Next Generation Appliance UX Design Joining CHASM Advanced Materials Partner Program

October 20, 2020

 ClickTouch and CHASM Advanced Materials Inc. have finalized a partnership with ClickTouch becoming the latest member of CHASM’s Preferred Integration Partner Program. Membership gives ClickTouch exclusive access to CHASM’s AgeNT™ platform of high performance transparent conductive films and the Signis™ line of versatile CNT inks used to create transparent touch interfaces on a variety of substrates. ClickTouch has extended its product offerings including CHASM materials mainly to customers across Europe.

A history of innovation at both ClickTouch and CHASM forms the basis of an ideal partnership. As technology accelerates, product designers and engineers require new, advanced materials that enable their visions to become reality – especially in fast moving consumer oriented markets such as appliances and automobiles. With AgeNT transparent conductive films available exclusively from CHASM, product designers and engineers can innovate next generation products unbounded by the limitations of traditional electronics. Applications of AgeNT include transparent heaters for automotive headlights as well as flexible touch buttons and screens used in HMIs for appliances.

"As a company that strives to ’constantly be in evolution‘, we’re very aware of the impact that a new technology can have on the success of our client’s and their product lines,” said Cedric Blomme, Owner of ClickTouch. "Forming partnerships with companies like CHASM that offer a range of high-performance materials like AgeNT and Signis enables our team to continually develop new and innovative interface solutions for our clients giving them a unique edge in highly competitive markets – helping them drive more business.”

Companies requiring transparent conductive electronics in all industries are replacing traditional materials such as ITO and PEDOT with both the AgeNT and Signis to balance transparency the transparency desired with the conductivity required in a form that’s flexible and formable, offers superior environmental stability, plus is fast and economical to manufacture at scale.

"By creating beautifully designed and intuitive user interfaces perfectly suited to the end-customer’s applications, ClickTouch has developed an impressive list of clientele – particularly in white goods and automotive industries," said David J. Arthur, CEO and Co-Founder of CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc. "With the high performance capabilities of our AgeNT and Signis materials at their disposal, they will be able to offer a range of products not possible with other commercial alternatives. We’re excited to welcome ClickTouch into our partner network to be a part of realizing truly innovative transparent electronic solutions for clients across Europe.”

About CHASM Advanced Materials
CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc. propels cutting edge product innovations through advanced materials hybridized at the nanoscale to exceed the design limitations imposed by existing materials. Leading companies across multiple industries have fueled next-generation product innovations using AgeNT™ for transparent flexible printed electronics, NTeC™ for battery, coating, or performance additives, and Signis™ for touch buttons and sensor with superior environmental stability. For more information, visit, or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, WeChat or Instagram.

Becoming a CHASM Preferred Integration Partner is quick and easy. Click here, contact or call +1.781.821.0443.

About ClickTouch
ClickTouch is a manufacturer of electronic input devices, such as membrane switches, resistive and capacitive touchscreens/keys, uniCTouch technology, force sensors, industrial keyboards and related products. With its 35 years’ experience its offers technologies with an absolute reliable quality and added value for the customer, produced in Europe and Asia. Already in 2000, ClickTouch developed and produced the first capacitive touchscreen. Since that day it’s a market-leader in customized and standard capacitive solutions. Being Constantly in Evolution is a common thread in the story of ClickTouch: a patented ClickTouch dome- technology for membrane switches, capacitive detection through any kind of material (=uniCTouch) and the most recent invention: a redundant capacitive touch screen (TwoTouch).
ClickTouch: your solution provider for electronic input devices! #Constantlyinevolution
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