Daekyung Hichem Inks Partnership with CHASM Advanced Materials

November 19, 2020

Daekyung Hichem Co, Ltd. - a globally renowned trading company that specializes in advanced materials - and CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc. have finalized a partnership for distribution of CHASM products in South Korea. Printed electronic manufacturing companies in-country can now locally source CHASM's exclusive CNT Hybrid materials directly from Daekyung Hichem for rapid execution on transparent printed electronics applications.

Daekyung Hichem distributes specialty products including resins, films and metals to a variety of industries including automotive and consumer goods. The company’s unique expertise in specialty products makes them an ideal partner for CHASM.

As technology accelerates, product designers and engineers require new, advanced materials to realize their vision and gain a competitive edge. With AgeNT transparent conductive films available exclusively from CHASM, product designers and engineers can innovate next generation products unbounded by traditional electronics. Applications of AgeNT include flexible, printed, transparent heaters for automotive windshields and headlights as well as flexible, printed, transparent touch sensors for appliances and industrial displays.

"As global leader in the import and export of special engineering film, tape, chemicals, and equipment, Daekyung Hichem not only directly serves clients with their advanced materials needs, but also through technical development support as well,” said Byungkil Lee, CEO at Daekyung Hichem. “New and disruptive materials such as CHASM’s AgeNT and Signis products offer our exacting client’s high-quality printed electronics products that they can depend on and the robust optoelectronic performance they demand. Our global supply chain delivers those critical materials on time and on budget.”

"South Korea is home to many leading, well known brands pushing the envelope of product innovation across industries,” said David Arthur, CEO and Co-Founder of CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc. "From cellular phones, consumer electronics, appliances, automobiles, or even heavy equipment, these companies seek disruptive ways to deliver products that utilize advanced electronics for greater interactivity but are intuitive to use. Our AgeNT and Signis products are experiencing rapid adoption around the globe and we’re confident our new partnership with a world-class company like Daekyung Hichem will accelerate adoption across the markets they serve.”

CHASM is assembling an exclusive network of "go-to companies" in the printed electronics industry, offering their customers extensive supply, distribution, integration capabilities and consultative expertise on the latest innovations in printed electronics. The CHASM Preferred Integration Partner Program is offered exclusively to companies not just having an established customer base for flexible printed electronics but also those demonstrating leading expertise at integrating flexible printed electronics into finished product or electronic assemblies. For more information on becoming a CHASM Preferred Integration Partner, click here, contact or call +1.781.821.0443.

About CHASM Advanced Materials
CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc. propels cutting edge product innovations through advanced materials hybridized at the nanoscale to exceed the design limitations imposed by existing materials. Leading companies across multiple industries have fueled next-generation product innovations using AgeNT™ for transparent flexible printed electronics, NTeC™ for battery, coating, or performance additives, and Signis™ for touch buttons and sensor with superior environmental stability. For more information, visit, or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, WeChat or Instagram.

Becoming a CHASM Preferred Integration Partner is quick and easy. Click here, contact or call +1.781.821.0443.

About Daekyung Hichem Co., Ltd.
In the period of limitless competition In 21century, Daekyung Hichem Co.,Ltd is trying to be your first partner in the field of supplying new Materials with established knowledge & information through global network since 1990. We have built up competitiveness of company through trading and Sales activity with finding fostered products and introducing it to the customer looking for. We have provided our customers outstanding products by quick delivery service and have developed and applied application of them with customers for years. And we think that is our duty for making better electronic society. With the vision to become the one of leading trade company, we always try to be the first and to be best partner of you.


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