In2tec Partners with CHASM Advanced Materials to Accelerate Commercialization of New Transparent Conductive Materials

April 14, 2020

CHASM Advanced Materials announced a partnership today with In2tec, a premier printed electronics provider serving clients globally. As an affiliate of the CHASM Preferred Integration Partner (PIP) ProgramIn2tec gains access to CHASM's AgeNT™ line of patented CNT Hybrid transparent conductive materials delivering both high transparency and high conductivity in a form that's flexible and formable, has superior environmental stability, plus is fast and economical to manufacture.

"Commercial interest in AgeNT continues to grow across all industries as innovative product companies find they are under served by existing alternative transparent conductive materials," said David J. Arthur, CEO and Co-Founder, CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc. "In2tec's distinguished capabilities at helping customers go from concept to finished electronics product or assembly quickly, efficiently, and sustainably make them an ideal partner for our PIP program. We're excited to accelerate the future of transparent printed electronics together."

In2tec's Innovation Engine is a technology driver in the field of printed electronics underpinning the company's expertise in many areas including dynamic circuit technology, conductive contouring, sustainability, touchsense and ultra-fine pitch flexible technology. Applying these and other technologies, In2tec has successfully helped companies revolutionize the market with new products, improve the functionality or increase sustainability of existing products, or discover easy ways to comply with ever changing regulations.

"As consumer's demand a seamless user experience not just through their phones but throughout all their devices and environments, flexible, transparent printed electronics are the silver bullet for manufacturers to deliver," said Neil Armstrong, CEO of In2tec, "The combination of our advanced printed electronics processing capabilities and the innovative CNT Hybrid materials, allows In2tec to push the boundaries on developing and delivering transparent conductive technologies to the market."

CHASM is assembling an exclusive network of "go-to companies" in the printed electronics industry, offering their customers extensive supply, distribution, integration capabilities and consultative expertise on the latest innovations in printed electronics. The CHASM Preferred Integration Partner Program is offered exclusively to companies not just having an established customer base for flexible printed electronics but also those demonstrating leading expertise at integrating flexible printed electronics into finished product or electronic assemblies. For more information on becoming a CHASM Preferred Integration Partner, click here, contact or call +1.781.821.0443.

About In2tec
In2tec specialise in the design and manufacture of innovative Flexible Electronics Solutions for a broad range of applications. Our solutions provide technological advances for a multitude of industries, breaking down design barriers for Medical Devices, Wearable Technology, Aerospace, Automotive, Banking, Cash Security and Military to name but a few. With more than 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing a myriad of innovative electronic projects, we propose the right Flexible Electronics Solutions for our customers' end application. Spearheaded research means our solutions will also support complex curves while replicating hard substrate PCB's. Whether customers seek to revolutionise the market with something new, improve functionality, increase sustainability or find an easy way to comply with regulations; we help them to achieve clever, cost-effective solutions from the simplest to the most demanding specifications. This focus has enabled us to build a customer base that understands our "nothing is impossible approach", securing loyal, long-term customer relationships who we develop solutions with year-on-year. We break down barriers around fit, weight, shape, look and feel, to optimise the solution, and our centres of excellence in Europe and Asia ensure delivery of products on-time, right-first-time and in budget.

About CHASM Advanced Materials

CHASM Advanced Materials is revolutionizing design and fabrication of printed electronics and energy storage devices through exclusive development and manufacture of CNT hybrid transparent conductive films and CNT hybrid electrode materials.  The company’s line of AgeNT transparent conductive films is flexible and formable with low pattering costs and low sheet resistance at high transparency while Signis transparent conductive inks balance value, printing consistency, simplicity of patterning and environmental stability without introducing a color cast on a variety of plastic substrates.  Leading companies across multiple industries have successfully launched next generation innovations using transparent circuits, heaters, antennas, and films as well as advanced CNT inks and carbon nanotubes (CNTs) only available from CHASM.  For more information, visit

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