AgeNT™ on glass antenna options for IoT and RFID like you have never seen before - an interview with CHASM's CEO Dave Arthur and RFID Journal

March 22, 2023

In an interview by RFID Journal, Chasm CEO and cofounder David Arthur discussed how antenna makers are using the company's new nearly transparent material, AgeNT™, to develop IoT and RFID sensors and tags that can be deployed in places where traditional copper antennas cause visual disruption. The flexible antenna is designed to be peeled and stuck to surfaces such as glass and can be used in various applications such as smart, connected buildings, EV chargers, parking meters and in the NFC tags used for brand protection, making them less visible.

To learn more about AgeNT™ and how it is being used in antenna manufacturing, read the full article at RFID Journal written by Claire Swedberg.

Read the full article here.




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