Nanomaterials Manufacturing

CHASM Advanced Materials' state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Norman, OK, has been specially engineered and configured to produce high purity Carbon Nanotubes.

Nano-materials Manufacturing Center

  • 18,000 SF facility with 10,000 SF of high bay manufacturing space
  • Located in a high-tech industrial park in close proximity to the University of Oklahoma, on 8 acres enabling future expansion
  • Facility inspected by NIOSH (no detectable worker exposure to CNTs)
  • (4) Custom Fluidized Bed CCVD Reactor platforms specially designed for synthesis of SW-CNT and FW-CNT materials.
  • All Catalysts are developed & made on-site using proprietary formulations and methods
  • CNT purification line to remove catalyst materials from products
  • In-house wastewater treatment process
  • Production-scale drying equipment
  • QC Lab to characterize Catalysts and CNT products

CHASM Purification Center and Reactors