Application Development

CHASM’s Applications Development Center opened in November 2007, enabling the company to efficiently serve clients by providing both technology and business development expertise in a seamless, integrated environment. The center was significantly expanded in October 2017 and consists of the following:

  • 12,000 SF facility, located in Canton, MA (1/2 hour south of Boston)
  • Laboratory-scale and pilot plant operations for synthesis, dispersion, purification, formulation, coating and printing of advanced materials
  • State-of-the-art equipment for characterizing nano-materials and coated and printed films
  • Prototype device fabrication and testing laboratory
  • Meeting rooms and videoconferencing capability to promote collaboration

Bench scale prototyping of coated products is easily transitioned to roll-to-roll processing on CHASM’s custom designed pilot coater, configurable for web cleaning, substrate pre-treatment, a range of fluid application technologies, convection drying, UV curing, and wet processing. CHASM has extensive experience with a wide range of substrates including PET, PC, PEN, TAC, and non-wovens, and with widths from 17-300 mm. Of great value too is the capability to perform tests using fluid volumes as small as 50 ml (or less) which is important in the case of expensive nano-materials or those which may be in limited supply.

CHASM's Application Development Center

A critically important aspect of developing products is the ability to evaluate performance in real time. CHASM’s internal analytical capabilities include UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer, FTIR, optical microscopy, AFM, BET specific surface area analyzer, particle size analyzer, Brookfield viscometer, TGA, contact angle measurement, hardness testing, fineness of grind testing, electrical resistivity, Instron mechanical testing, etc. For certain advanced evaluation requirements, Chasm has established a network of organizations which can provide support as needed (SEM, TEM, Raman, etc.).

Beyond nano-materials (e.g., CNTs, Ag nanowires, Cu nanowires, nanoclays, graphene nanoplatelets, etc.), CHASM has extensive experience in a wide range of coatings such as UV curable layers, hard-coats, optical coatings, adhesives, and barrier films, to name a few. Both the breadth and depth of CHASM’s experience in materials and processes provides a solid foundation from which to create new products and develop new applications.