An Abundance of Water for All Applications

Addressing the world's water scarcity challenge 

Purified water is not only essential to sustained life, it is integral to the food we eat and the goods and services surrounding daily living. For those bearing the responsibility of providing more in the face of increasing demand while available reserves are dwindling, breakthrough innovations are required simultaneously producing more of the quality of water desired at less of an investment and with less waste. Whether needing drinking water for municipalities or remote villages, ingredient water for consumer goods, feedwater for agricultural purposes, process water for industrial applications, or greater return from treated wastewater, advanced CHASM-H2O™ membranes provide efficiencies well beyond existing thin film composite membranes to deliver more water at a lower cost and a smaller footprint.

With a distinguished history in functionalizing materials at the nanoscale delivering disruptive performance, CHASM Advanced Materials has created a new category of membrane materials enabling breakthrough water purification innovation not seen in the industry for more than 40 years.  With experimental proof of concept repeatably demonstrating ultrahigh water permeability while maintaining 100% selectivity, CHASM-H2O membranes are currently in active validation in the lab progressing to completion of the development stage of technology readiness within the year.

CHASM H2O membranes deliver performance results orders of magnitude beyond the best TFC membranes on the market today. CHASM’s patented technology employs a powerful combination of precisely manufactured single-wall carbon nanotubes with a proprietary method for roll-to-roll fabrication of vertically aligned CNTs locked in a UV-cured polymer matrix.
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