Signis FW CNT Solutions

Many applications for CNTs require properties similar to those of Single-wall, but with the scalability and cost-effectiveness of multi-wall.  CHASM’s Signis™ Few-wall CNTs satisfy those needs with a product that is highly conductive, has a high surface area and is easy to disperse.  This combination of high performance, low cost and scalable manufacturing make it ideal for a broad range of emerging products.  Produced using our proprietary CoMoCAT™ synthesis process.


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FW100 - Few-wall CNTs

FW100 is engineered to meet the growing demand for a material with the high conductivity, large surface area, and purity of single-wall CNTs, but also with the scalability of multi-wall CNTs. Signis Few-wall CNTs have been specially engineered to contain mostly double-wall and triple-wall CNTs.  Applications for Few-wall CNTs currently include advanced battery electrode additives, super/ultra capacitor materials and more. 

  • Carbon Purity:  >95 wt%

  • Median Number of Walls:  2-3

  • Median Outer Diameter (OD):  2.5 to 3.0 nm

  • Median Tube Length:  2 to 6 microns

  • Specific Surface Area:  ≥ 700 m2/g

  • Bulk Density:  0.05 g/1 ml

Standard Product Forms:  Powder, Wet Cake

Other product forms can be supplied upon request, including Dispersions, Coating Formulations, Inks, Buckypaper, Coated Films, Patterned Films, etc.