Conductive Ink Patterning at a Lower Cost


CHASM V2V™ ink technology is an easy, cost-effective way to screen-print nanoscale particles on various substrates.

As shown below, CHASM V2V ink is made up of three materials:

  • V2V Ink Vehicle
  • Nano-particles dispersed in solvent
  • Polymer Binder dissolved in solvent

The secret is the V2V, or "Viscous to Vapor," Ink Vehicle. This is a high viscosity fluid at room temperature that transforms into vapor under standard drying temperatures (100°C).


The ink is engineered to behave like a paste under static conditions, to shear-thin under shear strain, and to rapidly rebuild its viscosity to pre-shear values when shear strain is removed.

After screen-printing, the V2V Ink Vehicle and solvents are quickly evaporated using convection drying, leaving behind only the Nano-particles plus Polymer Binder. This process virtually eliminates the need for complicated and costly post-processing steps such as rinsing operations or high-temperature baking.


At CHASM, we use V2V Ink Technology in Signis™ VC101 CNT Ink and in AgeNT™ Hybrid Transparent Conductive Films.

Our hybrid CNT transparent conductive films, made with V2V ink technology, offer a high-performance, low-cost alternative to indium tin oxide. To learn more about the technology and its applications, download your free white paper, The State of ITO Alternatives.

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