V2V™ Ink Technology


V2V™ Ink Technology enables nanoscale particles to be formulated into coatings and applied to various substrates via commercial screen-printing methods. The secret sauce is the V2V™ Ink Vehicle, where V2V stands for “Viscous to Vapor”.

The secret sauce is the V2V™ Ink Vehicle, where V2V stands for “Viscous to Vapor”.  The ink vehicle is a high viscosity fluid at room temperature that transforms into vapor under standard drying temperatures (100°C). The ink formulation contains a mixture of V2V Ink Vehicle, Nano-particles dispersed in solvent, and Polymer Binder dissolved in solvent, as is shown in the figure below. The ink is engineered and manufactured at CHASM to behave like a paste under static conditions, to shear-thin under shear strain, and then rapidly rebuild its viscosity to pre-shear values when shear strain is removed. After screen-printing, the V2V Ink Vehicle plus solvents are quickly evaporated using convection drying, leaving behind only the Nano-particles plus Polymer Binder. Typically, no complicated and costly post-processing steps, such as rinsing operations or high-temperature baking, are needed to remove surfactants or non-fugitive rheology modifiers.


CHASM uses V2V Ink Technology in Signis™ VC101 CNT Ink and also in AgeNT™ Hybrid Transparent Conductive Films

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