Case Study

A Case Study: Overcoming Headaches Caused by Traditional Printed Electronics Materials

June 7, 2021

Read more about how one of CHASM's Preferred Integration Partners, EP Electronic Print, was able to reduce lead times and improve features with a simple swap of traditional printed electronics materials to CNT Hybrids...

The Challenge
EP Electronic Print fabricates input devices reliably for their clients with options for capacitive touch screen and touch button controls. However customization of sensor elements using ITO was proving demanding,
with long lead times from overseas suppliers, requirements for large minimum order quantity - even when prototyping – and with the high cost of the controller units associated with these sensor foils, this was
becoming too troublesome and costly. Furthermore EP Electronic Print was looking for a better solution to backlighting capacitive touch buttons for visual feedback, this was being achieved with a complex assembly of PCB and light guides that did not provide satisfying full surface lighting.

The Solution
With CNT Hybrids from CHASM, EP Electronic Print can now deliver touch screens and touch buttons with significantly improved lead times and improved product performance. Larger backlit buttons are also
made possible. The ability to print touch buttons and a touch screen on the same material serves as a notable transformation in manufacturing methods, removing many of the headaches that have traditionally been associated with products requiring both touch buttons and touch screens including industrial and medical control panels. Before screen printing CNT Hybrids and implementing them into products EP Electronic Print needed to ensure environmental reliability of CNT Hybrids. Although rigorous environmental testing data was available, EP sought to test the materials with a 12 month outdoor exposure on the rooftop of their facility. The materials were tested after months of exposure to rain, snow and humidity. Results confirmed the laboratory testing by showing that CNT Hybrids will not display any degradation in optoelectronic performance.

The Results

Screen printable CNT Hybrids make it possible for EP Electronic Print to fast track projects with in-house prototypes resulting in reduced lead times - upwards of 8 weeks - and greatly reduced cost as there was no longer a minimum order quantity for prototypes sourced from overseas factories.

EP Electronic Print has been developing and manufacturing individual input systems based on a
wide variety of technologies for over 30 years.

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