AgeNT Technology

AgeNT™ Hybrid TCFs combine Silver nanowires (AgNWs) and Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in a novel way to enable patterned TCFs with superior performance and lower cost than AgNW or CNT alone. Applications include touch buttons and sliders, touch screens, displays, smart windows, smart cards, ePaper, wearable electronics, photovoltaics, lighting, etc.

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Key Features

  1. Low sheet resistance with extremely high optical transparency
  2. Low materials and processing costs for creating patterned TCFs
  3. Can be flexed or formed for creating flexible, wearable, or 3D products
  4. Environmentally stable when exposed to high temperature & humidity

Applications include touch screens, displays, transparent heaters, smart windows, smart cards, ePaper, wearable electronics, photovoltaics, transparent heaters, lighting, etc.


How AgeNT works:

The AgeNT manufacturing process is called “Print & Wipe” (patents pending) and all steps are scalable for mass-production. AgeNT starts with a continuous coating of AgNW on clear plastic film using atmospheric roll-to-roll coating. Note that the AgNW coating is designed to have good “dry” adhesion, but poor “wet” adhesion. A proprietary CNT ink is screen printed onto the AgNW layer. Note that the CNT ink is designed provide high “wet and dry” adhesion. The AgNW areas that are not covered by CNT ink are then removed using a proprietary “wet wiping” process (water plus a low-cost fabric), creating a patterned “hybrid” TCF with lower materials and processing cost than traditional TCF patterning methods such as chemical etching or laser ablation. The removed AgNW can be recycled, lowering cost further.