Large Format Touch Screens

Due to the prevalence and widespread adoption of mobile devices and tablets today’s consumers expect a similar experience with any interactive product. Whether it is point-of-sale or an educational display, large format touch surfaces need to be fast, responsive and seamlessly interactive. Designing and manufacturing large format touch screen that reliably deliver to these expectations stretches the bounds of traditional materials.  Ensuring consistent sheet resistance while balancing transparency of the touch layer becomes increasingly difficult with growing display sizes. Touch materials also need to be able to perform without failure even when they are repeatedly exposed to heat and humidity. Achieving the transparency, environmental stability and performance for next generation large format touch devices is now possible with CHASM’s AgeNT platform of transparent conductive films.

For larger format touch applications from point-of-sale (POS) and kiosks to touch interactive walls, CHASM offers AgeNT-30.


  • Consistent sheet resistance across large surfaces
  • Screen Printable: Quick turnaround on circuit design changes and prototypes; just-in-time production runs
  • Lower design cost and lower unit cost, no need for laser ablation, deposition and patterning
  • Carbon Nanotubes provide a high degree of environmental stability for longevity and robust performance


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