Touch Sensor & Smart Surface Solutions

Touch, double-tap, or pinch, smartphones have cemented touch as a user’s preferred method of interacting with electronic devices.  Touch sensors and sliders have long been a staple for user interaction, but smart surfaces extend a once planar form factor to sculpted and organically shaped 3D surfaces. 

Flexible, foldable and even thermoformable, CHASM’s AgeNT offers the perfect transparent conductive platform for touch sensors, screens, buttons or displays and the latest innovations in smart surface. 

AgeNT is a high performance transparent, conductive film that enables engineers to easily add interactivity through touch buttons or smart surfaces into an increasingly diverse range of user environments. It is no longer enough to have combine mechanical switches and touch panels to create the "human-machine-interface". Touch buttons, sliders and traditional X-Y touch panels must be seamlessly integrated into devices, vehicles and appliances and they must incorporate more functionality in less space in a way that is easily accessible and ergonomically friendly. Achieving this level of adaptability will require manufacturing techniques and materials that are more versatile than ever before.

For touch sensor applications, CHASM offers AgeNT 75 for designs requiring robust performance or Signis VC102.


  • Flexible, thermoformed for wider range of product designs
  • Screen Printable: Quick turnaround on circuit design changes and prototypes; just-in-time production runs
  • Lower design cost and lower unit cost, no need for laser ablation, deposition and patterning


Interested in learning more? Read the case study:

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