CHASM's Breakthrough Manufacturing Technology Addresses Surging Demand for Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) in Li-ion Battery Market

June 6, 2023

Battery Industry Demand for CNTs to Reach 50,000 Metric Tons by 2032

CANTON, Mass, June 5, 2023 – CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc. (CHASM), a leader in advanced carbon nano materials technology, has launched NTeC®-E conductive CNT additives for Li-ion batteries used in electric vehicles (EVs). CHASM will be showcasing its CNT products and technology as an exhibitor and sponsor at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) Europe June 19-22 in Mainz, Germany. Michael Fetcenko, Chairman of CHASM, will also deliver a speech entitled "Manufacturing Carbon Nanotubes at Gigafactory Scale in the US and Europe" on June 21, as part of the High-Performance Battery Manufacturing Symposium.

Compared with traditional conductive carbon additives used in Li-ion batteries, CNTs enable lower internal resistance, increased energy storage capacity, superior rate capability and longer cycle life. According to a recent IDTechEx report, the annual demand for CNTs in the Li-ion battery market is projected to reach 50,000 metric tons by 2032, which is about five times greater than current global CNT production capacity. 

CHASM's new CNT production platform offers the most scalable, cost-efficient and sustainable approach for mass production of high-quality CNTs tailored for Li-ion batteries. The core technologies behind this innovation include proprietary (iron-free) catalysts plus proprietary (rotary kiln) reactors for CNT synthesis, which are more capital-efficient than traditional fluidized bed reactors used by leading CNT producers. 

CHASM's NTeC-E conductive CNT additives are produced at CHASM’s manufacturing plant in Norman, Oklahoma. CHASM is currently producing its portfolio of NTeC CNT additives products at pilot-scale (50 metric tons) and plans to bring online the world’s largest CNT production reactor (1,500 metric tons) during Q4 2024.  

CHASM’s NTeC-E conductive CNT additives have been validated by various partners and independent third-party laboratories through rigorous testing. These independent test results have consistently shown that NTeC-E conductive CNT additives perform as well as CNTs made by leading producers in Asia. Furthermore, test results suggest that NTeC-E conductive CNT additives are compatible not only with multiple cathode types, but also with Si-anodes and next-generation solid-state batteries.

In addition, CHASM offers its NTeC-E conductive CNT additives in the form of dispersions (or conductive pastes) for easy integration with existing battery industry manufacturing processes. Options include aqueous or solvent-based, with or without polymer binders. CHASM’s ability to tailor products for next-generation batteries allows it to meet the evolving needs of the EV battery industry and remain at the forefront of technology. The company also designs its CNT production processes to minimize waste and reduce environmental impact, ensuring both economic and environmental sustainability.

"As demand for EVs continues to grow, the need for a secure, more capital-efficient and scalable supply of conductive CNT additives is becoming increasingly important," said David Arthur, CEO and Co-Founder of CHASM. "We’re proud to offer a highly scalable and sustainable solution that meets the needs of the global EV battery segment."

The supply of carbon nanotubes holds immense strategic significance for the Li-ion battery market as automakers build new global battery production facilities. While most CNT suppliers for EV batteries are currently based in Asia, CHASM is well positioned to fulfill the crucial local supply requirements in the U.S. and Europe. CHASM’s business model includes manufacturing NTeC-E conductive CNT additives and also providing licenses for strategic partners to mass-produce NTeC-E conductive CNT additives themselves. To accelerate high-volume scale-up and facilitate global CNT production, CHASM seeks to collaborate with electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturers and key players in the supply chain.

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About CHASM Advanced Materials, Inc.

CHASM’s mission is to develop and manufacture advanced carbon nano materials, leveraging our innovative product platforms to create a safer, more connected and sustainable world.

The company’s patented nanotube manufacturing platform combined with its unique ability to integrate CNTs into product solutions is unleashing the power of nanotechnology.

Innovations powered by CHASM include universal transparent ADAS heaters for safer driving, transparent antennas for smarter cities, conductive additives for EV batteries, and cement additives for greener (lower carbon footprint) concrete. 

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