AgeNT RF Shielding Film

Specially designed patterns of CHASM's CNT and AgeNT hybrid transparent conductive films have been shown in anechoic chamber tests to redirect up to 95% of RF energy across a broad range of radio spectrum. This is particularly beneficial for users of smartphones which by design transmit RF signals omnidirectionally, exposing those users to substantial RF energy over time. Requiring no electrical connection, AgeNT RF Shielding film has minimal impact in the assembly sequence for OEM smartphone makers adding protection to new or existing models, providing their customers with a very high-value but low-cost added benefit.

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Product Benefits

  • Transparent: 98% VLT
  • Redirects up to 95% of RF energy from 698 MHz to 3.7 GHz while improving signal strength
  • Lowers Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) >25% (phone/model dependent)
  • No electrical or ground plane connection required for minimal BOM impact
  • Simply installs between screen and display module
  • Flexible printed circuit is quick and economical to manufacture